The Ever Changing Now

Create a purpose in life for yourself.  Your work may be a way of earning a living but your purpose in life may be totally different.  If you are pregnant, your purpose in life is to carry your healthy baby to full term and to have the birth you’d like to have.  Ask yourself “what do I need to do now to move in that direction?”  Make small and measurable goals around your purpose, make the goal easier to meet than not to meet.

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Slow, Joyful, Healthy Dining

Whether alone or with people, eat in a pleasant setting, (never eat standing or while walking) sitting outside under a tree, in a garden, watching the birds. Turn off TV, set table nicely – a candle is always relaxing; joyous or meditative music played at a low volume, silence or happy conversation, talking about nothing upsetting. Enjoy the color, texture and taste of each food. Eat slowly; do not drink anything with your meal. Digestion improves if you drink a cup of hot water before and after. After eating, sit for 10 minutes to allow your body to welcome the food.

Nutrition – Eat lean protein, a soft or hardboiled egg (the yolk has all the cholesterol), salmon, white fish, almond butter, nuts; eat fresh fruits “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, lots of berries and any fruit in season.

Eat healthy carbohydrates, brown rice, quinoa, oats, millet. Eat healthy fats, olive oil, avocado, a piece of dark chocolate. If you have to watch your weight, fresh vegetable juice, fat free cereal, oatmeal (instead of milk use unsweetened pomegranate juice), or grape nuts with unsweetened juice, 1egg white (if in a hurry microwave it for 50 seconds. It’s chewy, delicious and tastes like it’s already salted. Dried plums (also called prunes) 5 per day, are great for your digestion and elimination, nonfat yoghurt with honey or fresh fruit, and of course your main intake – Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables, preferably green leafy and then all other vegetables. Cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw.

And for dessert – Dates and/or Figs.

Oh, by the way, have you seen the video online of how to separate the white from the yolk in the easiest possible way? It’s so much fun – it works like a real magic trick. Check it out on YouTube.

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Exercise and Play

Exercise – For example, walk out your front door and go for 15 minutes and return. That gives you ½ hour of exercise; join YMCA, get a dog, walk a neighbor’s dog, swim, swim, swim. Walk up and down a flight of stairs. Oftentimes when depressed it is difficult to move and motivate yourself. Push yourself daily, even if it’s only 5 minutes the first week and it will get easier. If you can afford it, get a personal trainer, or go to an exercise or yoga class.

This week focus on play. Play enhances your immune system, your mood and your energy. Turn on some upbeat music and dance 2 times a day. Buy an album of fun dance music or create one. Get an album of show tunes and dance and sing along. Take a dance class. Make a play list and share it.

If you’re on bed rest:  Blow bubbles, read uplifting books or articles, watch comedies (do not watch birthing shows or any violent shows, movies, or news).

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1)  Get help and do not go it alone; it’s called social support.

2)  Examples of social support:  Friends, family, AA, Alanon, church, temple, mosque, priest, minister, rabbi, become a volunteer, take a class.  Call our center to schedule a phone consultation or live appointment.  Start a book club or breastfeeding gathering or a talking circle.

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Link Between MIND and BODY

Did you know that people who are depressed or have episodes of depression are twice as likely as those who don’t suffer from depression to develop cardiovascular disease?  There is a link between the mind and body and the mind and the heart.  Depression is more of a prediction of heart disease than high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Next week and for the next 6 weeks – a remedy a day.

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Here is a healthy, nourishing and energizing drink postpartum.  It enhances the production of breast milk and supports mother’s recovery.

Blend the following in blender with crushed ice:

1 glass whole milk

¼ cup cashews, raw, unsalted

3 medjool dates


Did you know that when you are pregnant dehydration can cause pre term labor AND did you know that dehydration during labor can halt labor?

Remedy:  Have a bottle of water in each room of your house, in your car, and your office so you can take a drink wherever you are.

During labor, in between each rhythmic rising, have your support person give you a drink of water and/or a drink of Recharge or Pedialyte to replenish your electrolytes.

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Rhythmic risings – Throughout the writings on and in your classes, you have heard about “contractions.” Because of the negative connotations associated with this word, it may be helpful to think of these movements of the uterus as “rhythmic risings.” Your uterus is working to birth a baby, and you can call this work a rush or a rising or a rhythmic rising. Hypnobirthing and other Leclaire mindfulness techniques alter the way the brain perceives and interprets the intensity of the contractions, or rhythmic risings of the uterus, and activates the body’s own comfort mechanism. If you say the words very slowly, the sound of the words themselves can help to synchronize your mind with the work of your uterus. Saying the words “I’m having a rhythmic rising” can even make you smile or laugh. This creates a completely different atmosphere around your birth.

Are there other words used during your fertility, pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum that create either comfort or fear for you?

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 Uborn:  Conscious bonding and communication need to begin before you hold your new child in your arms.  Whether we know it or not, we communicate feelings and emotions to the babies growing inside us.  They eat the same foods we eat and ingest the same vitamins or other chemicals we ingest.  In the same way our own bodies “feel” emotions, these feelings pass with our blood into the child.  Uborns absorb messages from their mothers, and they experience sounds and other communications while they are in the womb.  Mother-infant bonding is a crucial step toward healthy babies, healthy mothers, and a balanced, loving family life.  Because of this connection, I speak of uborn rather than fetus or unborn.  Because a baby is already “born” when he is in the uterus, he is born into the uterus and uterine-borne, living in the uterus and carried in the uterus; I call him, therefore, a uborn.  The word uborn incorporates the unborn child, his sensibility, and his intrauterine environment, including the mother and child’s emotional, physical, and spiritual interaction.

 To further connect with your feelings and your bonding with your uborn we have created an opportunity for you to enhance that bond daily or weekly.  Click here to optimize your baby’s health:

Daily:  Nine Glorious Months

Weekly:  Meditations for Pregnancy  

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In a film about an adolescent girl, her diary opens with “Dear Diary, nothing ever changes.” It was summer and she must have been quite bored.

As we know, nothing really ever stays the same. Acknowledging that, we at Leclaire Hypnobirthing, are contributing to our ever changing language as well as our latest birthing advantages.

Today let’s take one of the words I coined:

#1 Hypnobirthing, a word coined by me in 1987, a philosophy I defined and a specific method of childbirth education that I created, incorporates mind body healing and hypnosis for a safe pain free natural birth, a relaxed C section or a comfortable medicated birth. Your choice!

Many would be copycats, have misunderstood its principles and method, thinking of it only as hypnosis during labor. Thus, we had to change the word again to Leclaire Hypnobirthing which specifies our original and the only step by step method as well as addressing prenatal anxiety and the prevention of postpartum depression.

Leclaire Hypnobirthing is both a specific method with an individualized pregnancy, labor and postpartum health plan along with our evidence based ways to overcome your fears, both today and for the rest of your life.

We would love to hear from you, your thoughts surrounding pregnancy, labor, birthing, your questions and any new words you have coined or you have seen change in meaning over time.

Next week we will define another word I created, UBORN, not unborn but uborn.


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