How Babies are Made in Canada

his kids about the birds and the bees. During his wife Sandra Denis’ pregnancy, the artist created hilarious explanatory photo series titled “How to Make a Baby”.

The creative couple planned and carried out their project throughout the whole period of 9 months, taking pictures in the exact same settings as Sandra’s belly expanded. The pregnancy saga of Sandra and Patrice basically denounces all the traditional cabbage and the stork stories.

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Morning Sickness (Ayurvedic Treatment)


1. Upon awakening: Eat a few Crackers with slightly salty taste

2. Eat 5 or 6 very small meals daily (fermented foods can be very healing)

An empty stomach has more acid and can cause more nausea.


3. To prevent dehydration:

2 teaspoons sugar

Juice of ½ lime

Pinch of salt

1 pint ginger water  (Cut a small piece (thumb size) of fresh ginger ,put in 1 pint of water, bring to a boil , let stand to cool, remove ginger and you have ready to use Ginger Water

Drink 1 cup every 2 hours to eliminate dehydration and help nausea and vomiting to subside

4. Soak 10 raw / unroasted almonds in water overnight, peel skin in morning and eat almonds very slowly as you listen to Healing Chakra CD. This is a good source of calcium and calms nausea.

5. In early morning walk around block focusing on breathing in fresh air slowly.

6. Massage your entire body with or without oils, unscented sunflower oil, sesame oil or coconut, then take nice warm shower and rest for 20 minutes, listening to Healing Chakra CD. (Call or email us to order CD – $20 U.S.)

7. Coconut water: Add 1 tsp fresh lemon juice to 1 cup of pure coconut water. Sip every 15 minutes to settle stomach.

8. Rose water: Put 1 drop in a cupful of milk. Boil milk, cool to warm and sip.

9. At night take a cup of whole milk with 1 teaspoon of Ghee (clarified butter) and this should help to prevent sickness the next morning. (This treatment may be too heavy for some.)


To order Healing Chakra CD – Call 310 454-0920


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Connect with other people on our blog and if you live near each other start a walking group or a stroller stroll or breastfeeding group, a book group, a parenting discussion group a babysitting exchange or depending on your age and physical well being whatever suits your abilities. If you are a senior perhaps volunteer to read stories to kids at the library. Spiritual groups, Alanon, AA, Dog parks are also healthy ways to socialize. Can you think of creative cost free ways to connect and get sufficient social support? Please feel free to share your ideas.

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