The center of the Leclaire Method is to keep the mind out of the body’s way so that the body can do its work, and this requires psychological, spiritual, and emotional preparation. Once some of that work has been done, you can let go and allow yourself to be hypnotized, making your labor easy and nearly pain free. Hypnosis for labor and birth is a state of deep concentration of your mind and deep relaxation of your body, which permits the easy passage of your baby through your gradually widening birth canal. Your mind and body can do amazing things, and when we take the time to observe and remain mindful of what they can do, we can harness that power to give the baby a magic carpet ride from womb to mother’s arms. For these reasons, I hope you’ll take the time to learn these techniques of hypnosis for pregnancy and labor.

The word hypnosis derives from the name of the Greek god of sleep, Hypno. It conveys the idea of the ease and rest of sleep, of letting go and allowing the body to do its natural work. Hypnosis also enhances the progress of your labor and allows you to positively participate and calmly assist in the birth of your baby.

With hypnosis, you can easily get through labor without chemical anesthesia. The choice is always yours, of course: You may ask for and receive drugs if you like. Be aware, though, that new evidence indicates that children of mothers who receive opiate derivatives during labor have a higher incidence of drug abuse later in life. In contrast, mothers who experience severe pain and feel out of control can later in life experience an increase in suicidal ideation. In contrast, hypnosis gives you full control.

The Leclaire Method of preparation is the best anesthetic for optimal short- and long-term benefits of pain relief and continued emotional serenity for both mother and baby. The hypnosis of the Leclaire Method offers demedicalization of labor and birth by creating a natural physical anesthesia in the mother. This allows her natural and instinctive ability to birth her baby to become manifest. Hypnosis also allows the mother to move about freely in a comfortable, natural manner. She is able to change her position as needed, which in turn increases her comfort and facilitates the progress of her baby’s birth.

It is important for you to begin preparing for birth by playing your Hypnosis and Pregnancy tape (see Store in this website to place your order) throughout your pregnancy. Practice will increase your confidence in your ability to imagine desired outcomes and to relax deeply. By preparing early in pregnancy, you will foster your expectancy for a comfortable, easy pregnancy, labor, and birth.

The Leclaire Method is your baby’s inherent way to come into your world, and it is your inherent right to believe that you can have a healthy, comfortable birth. You do not have to learn how to birth comfortably. You only have to be allowed to do what is the nature of your body-that is, to progress through labor unrestrained by chemical anesthesia, unrestrained by confinement to bed, unrestrained by continuous electronic fetal monitoring, unrestrained by the beliefs of the medical culture. All you need to do is to remember, silently, to reconnect to your nature. It is your body’s nature to know how to respond to your contractions, and it is the nature of your body to know when to push. If chemical anesthesia or the direction of others (except in a medical emergency) takes away your sensations, you are not honoring yourself. We have the right to vote; we have the right to work; we must now have the right to squat and move about freely during labor and to follow our bodies’ instinctive wisdom to know when to push. Hypnosis is your baby’s easy way out.

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