“It is a joy to see how effectively Dr Leclaire O’Neill has integrated psychoneuroimmunology and the mind /body concepts in the area of pregnancy and delivery.”

~ O. Carl Simonton MD author of GETTING WELL AGAIN and The Healing Journey

What is: Hypnobirthing® – The Leclaire Method?

Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® is The program that comforts a mother during her pregnancy and prepares her for a totally relaxed labor and postpartum along with preparing her partner to be a competent and mindful support person.

Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® creates a completely natural state that offers deep concentration and health stimulating powers.

Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® helps to alleviate the fears and tension surrounding labor, birth , post part depression and

In short, Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® is natural childbirth with the benefits of psychoneuroimmunology, integrative medicine and hypnosis.

Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® has been selected and approved for re certification for Lamaze childbirth educators.

Who Developed Hypnobirthing®?

Hypnobirthing® was first developed in 1987 by Michelle Leclaire O’NeillPhD,R.N.. She is a pioneer in the use of psychoneuroimmunology and Mind-Body integration for treating infertility, pregnancy, pre term labor and post partum depression. Dr. O’Neill is the founder of the Mind/Body center in Pacific Palisades.

Dr Leclaire O’Neill coined the words: Hypnobirthing®, Hypnofertility®, Hypnobabies and created all of the the original Hypno methods and Hipnoparto.

What is Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® Class format/length.

Hypnobirthing-final-eng-rev1Since Dr. Leclaire O’Neill works in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, Mind/Body Medicine and Cognitive Behavioral Science, she teaches science and evidence based learning which shows that the brain learns best through an intense learning session with self follow up and review.

Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® format encourages the attendance ,participation and interest of the father/support person.

Research suggests that a father/partner’s willingness to be present at the class allows for more love, acceptance and bonding with both the mother and unborn child.

You follow up with CD’s/mp3 included with class. At your leisure, lie down ,close your eyes and listen as you anchor in your perfect birthing state.

At your leisure lie down < sit in your garden or in any comfortable place/position close your eyes etc.

It is as comprehensive, elegant, simple and easy as that!

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1 full day couples class from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (with a 1/2 hour mindful (catered) lunch break included) or 1 three hour private couples class at your convenience or your own Designer class Location of your choice or comprehensive at home course. See store.

Why Use Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method®?

  • Mothers feel calmer.
  • Fathers/ Support people feel competent and empowered.
  • Babies feel more serene,healthier, eat,sleep better and cry less.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method®?

More hospitals annually use Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® as well as individual hospital staff nation and worldwide

Formerly St Lukes , now Mt Sinai in New York City has been using Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® for the past 10 years. Physicians at Santa Monica Hospital, Los Angeles were the first(1993 ) in the nation to use Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® and the Midwves at UCLA soon followed.

As Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® spreads, the birthing world is learning that a Leclaire prepared mother, whether birthing at home or at a birthing center or hospital, is a midwife and physicians dream patient.