michelle leclaire

Michelle Leclaire O’Neill PhD, R.N.

Creator of Hypnobirthing® / Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® and founder of The Mind / Body Center in Pacific Palisades. Dr O’Neill, Creator of Hypnobirthing® / Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® has been the featured speaker at the International Midwifery Conference, The Westside Fertility Symposium and is on the staff of The Simonton Cancer Center where she teaches psychoneuroimmunology and Getting Well Again to an international population of professionals and patients. Dr. Leclaire O’Neill was just awarded a grant by both The Annenberg and Crail – Johnson Foundations for her work with at risk pregnant youth. The award was presented by Marian Wright Edelman founder of The Children’s Defense Fund. Dr O’Neill’s CD, Health Healing and Peak Performance was used, with great success at the USC Cardiology Research Project. Dr O’Neill’s Mindful Pregnancy for a Mindful Birthing – A unique breakthrough in prenatal bonding is now available as an MP3 on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Dr Leclaire O’Neill was on the staff of the first Vietnam Veteran’s PTSD recovery program  in the US, at the Brentwood VA Hospital, Los Angeles.