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Mindful Pregnancy for a Mindful Birthing

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what_is_god_anyway-200x300What Is God Anyway?: God and Evolution A Great Beginning

[Kindle Edition] ISBN# 9781483528694 – Length: 14 pages

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Hypnobirthing The Original MethodHypnobirthing® The Original Method®

Mindful Pregnancy and Easy Labor Using the Leclaire Child birth Method®
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Creating Comfort WithinHypnobirthing® #1 Pregnancy creating comfort within

Hypnobirthing® – Creating Comfort Within – for a Healthy, Calm, Joyous Pregnancy When you start with a mindful pregnancy it is easy to change your fears about pregnancy, birth and parenting into positive thoughts and actions.
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1 Hypnobirthing - Birthing from the Inside OutHypnobirthing® #2 Labor / Birthing from the Inside out

Hypnobirthing® – Birthing from the Inside Out This CD is your preparation to birthing from within your mindful awareness of your rhythmic risings (formerly known as contractions) as they gently guide your baby down through the birth canal.
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British Version – Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method®

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Meditations for PregnancyMeditations for Pregnancy

36 Weekly Practices for Bonding with Your Unborn Baby
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HYPNOFERTILITY – The Leclaire MethodHYPNOFERTILITY® – The Leclaire Method®

Create Comfort, Transcend Fear
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creative_childbirthCreative Childbirth

This book is the easy use of the latest mind/body techniques as they apply to pregnancy, labor and birth. This along with the complete HYPNOBIRTHING® METHOD as taught in the book dispels all the old myths, teaching mothers how to let go of the fear, embrace the joy and transcend the pain. It also teaches fathers how to be the support person every mother longs for.
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playful_moon1Playful Moon

Join a little girl on her charming journey as she and her dog discover the, joy, the light, the dance and the friendship of the moon, before she drifts off into a sweet slumber. 100% of the sale of this delightful bedtime story will go to the non-profit organization SMART BEGINNINGS / EASY PREVENTIONS:
A teenage pregnancy, parenting, and prevention program.
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Secret_Realized1The Secret Realized [Audio CD]

This CD (voice and music background) is the perfect gift and guideline for you to realize your dreams. It is also of great benefit for anyone in the process of healing from any disease or problem. The Secret Realized offers you Health, Healing, and Peak Performance. Phone consultations at the Mind/Body Wellness Center are available. For an appointment call 310.454.0920. Be the first in your household to enjoy the benefits of The Secret Realized. Begin now!! Fulfill your wildest dreams and your deepest desires. Be all that you are meant to be!!!
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michelleleclaireoneillph6Children’s Stories & Beliefs About Heaven

Discussion of beliefs & desires around life , death and dying along with stories and beliefs of children from many different religions as they ponder an afterlife

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Hypnopartouna-150x150Hipnoparto® Embarazo (Una)

Relajacion durante el embarazo y preparacion para un parto seguro facile
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Hypnoparto_2-CD-1-150x150Hipnoparto® Nacimiento (Dos)

Relajacion durante el embarazo y preparacion para un parto seguro facile
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letgoandletgolfLet Go & Let Golf

Have more fun while playing and improve the success of your game through the power of your mind and the ease and energizing of your body. Arrive 15 minutes early at your course ,close your eyes and listen. Proceeds go to
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Healing_Your_Trauma-CD-150x150Healing Your Trauma – Deep Relaxation, Safe Imagery and Letting Go

Safe, easy, effective tools for healing War trauma and other traumas. You can feel safe and well again. Peace be with you.
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41+eT9CpZFLHipnoparto Y Parto Creativo: Cómo dar a luz con confianza y sin miedo Altravez del Método Leclaire® (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition

Promoción de la salud de toda la vida de su bebé comienza en el útero. Aquí aprenderás a tener el embarazo que da poder y fácil, parto seguro y post-parto que desee.

Puede hacer que el embarazo y el parto que desea ser un Hipnoparto® completamente natural, epidural o una cesárea, su elección. Para una madre saludable y un bebé sano Hipnopart®o y educación Mindfulness que se alinea con el poder de su mente, de la comodidad de tu Cuerpo y de la celebración de su nacimiento. Haga Únase a los miles de madres en todo el mundo en nuestra misión de “llevar la paz al mundo un bebé a la vez”.

After reading the book you can now go to our audio Creating Comfort Within, which is meditation, relaxation and hipnoparto for pregnancy. Also Birthing from the Inside Out, Hipnoparto for Labor and Birth.

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