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hypnobirthing_leclaire_method_coverHypnobirthing®- Hypnofertility® – The Leclaire Method® for Educators /Practitioners

We understand that you are affiliated with Lamaze International. Yes, Hypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® is a Recertification program for Lamaze Childbirth Educators, however, one does not need Lamaze certification to become certified in Hypnobirthing®. We are also a BRN approved 30 CEU program for R.N license renewal.

How are educators prepared?


Cost: $289.99

  • We prepare you for your new career by offering you the simplest, most elegant and most comprehensive, curriculum in childbirth education today.
  • Hypnobirthing® – Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® offers you everything you need to successfully learn , teach your first class and start your new career.
  • You can study it from your own home, office, garden or bed.
  • For your success, we also offer you our promotional marketing brochure/flyer. Just add your own contact and class information.
  • All educators must start with our long distance certification course.
  • Often classes and testing can increase anxiety and hinder learning. Hypnobirthing® – Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® enhances the fixation of the material in the learner/educator’s mind.
  • Learning/Teaching Hypnobirthing®-Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® enhances the brains ability to learn as well as actively increasing the retention of the material. Our specially designed Baroque Learning Music (may be played in the background while studying/teaching) promotes cognitive skills,increased ability to focus mindfully on the task at hand as well as promoting recall.
  • Stress can sabotage the success of both relaxation ,learning and retention.
  • Hypnobirthing®-Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® focuses on mind/body techniques to reduce the stress.
  • Our tests do not focus on assessment rather as another form of learning and digesting the material. Most, at least 95% of all educators tell us that taking the course was not only career changing but life changing as well and worth many years of therapy.
  • After completing the course at your own pace (you have 9 months from your order date) and completing your tests, you will have a free and required telephone mentoring session. Thereafter, for a fee,you may schedule mentoring sessions as often as you choose with Dr Leclaire O’Neill or another educator.

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Say goodbye to the work you don’t want to do and change what you don’t like to what brings you passion and joy. Step by Step we show you how!


3 Books:

Creative Childbirth

Creative Childbirth



Hypnobirthing The Original Method

Hypnobirthing® – The Original Method®









a. Course Syllabus
b. Tests 1,2 ,3 Very informative of your own psyche / interactive, self-revealing and, self healing
c. Class handouts (which you may copy after certification)
d. Step by step class format outline – Very easy to follow

5 CD’s:

Creating Comfort WithinHypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® #1
Creating Comfort Within: to play in class If you don’t want to read our script aloud and for mother to play throughout her pregnancy. Available for mothers as mp3 on iTunes.



1 Hypnobirthing - Birthing from the Inside OutHypnobirthing® The Leclaire Method® #2
Labor and Birthing from the Inside Out . Available on mp3 for mothers.




healing-chakrasHealing The Chakras # 3
Music to play throughout labor also for Breast/bottle feeding and during fertility treatments.




Baroque_EffectBaroque Music #4
To play throughout Pregnancy , early post partum and for crying baby




fertility-from-within-CDHypnofertility® #5
Optimizing Your Fertility Treatments




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Free Mentoring phone Session.

After completing Long Distance Certification, Do I have to attend a Live seminar?

The Magic Of Hypnobirthing® – Hypnofertility® The Leclaire Method® is that the long distance learning course is complete. You do not have to attend a live class but you may. Please call for NYC and Los Angeles schedule. You may also attend our annual Leclaire retreat in Malibu or Santa Barbara California.