Meditation, Week 5

Week 5: Continue as with weeks 1 through 4. Let these steps take you about 5 minutes. Use your own internal clock. Today and 4 more times this week, meditate for a total of twenty minutes each time. Conventional medicine has rendered you powerless. Our society is stuck. We have given the responsibility for our healing to our tribal doctors. That is because we respect them and have lost respect for ourselves. What aspects and details of your innate qualities do you not pay attention to? Take the time now to give consideration to your own intuitions. Remember past lies; allow present lies to come to the fore. You have the ability to use the energy of the authentic healer in you, this is your true medicine. Many illnesses can be cured through your own healing of your mind, body and spirit along with nutrition. Please see


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Week 4, Meditation

Week 4:  Earlier I said that the purpose of meditation is to still the mind.  That can create another longing, however, another kind of pain.  So for now, let’s look at the purpose of meditation as just to do it:  Just to meditate.  Close your eyes and focus on the area between your eyebrows (also known as “the third eye”).  Do this for five minutes four times a week.

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Meditation, Week 3

Week 3:  Continue the same as in weeks 1 and 2.  This week, begin to observe your breath.  You don’t need to alter breathing in any way.  Just observe your inhalation and your exhalation.  Let this observation take precedence over the observation of your thoughts.  Your thoughts may persist, but focus your attention on your breath.

In this observation of your breath, all else recedes.  The breath, the now, the simplicity of the moment become effortless.  Continue this focus for a few minutes, five times this week.

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