Slow, Joyful, Healthy Dining

Whether alone or with people, eat in a pleasant setting, (never eat standing or while walking) sitting outside under a tree, in a garden, watching the birds. Turn off TV, set table nicely – a candle is always relaxing; joyous or meditative music played at a low volume, silence or happy conversation, talking about nothing upsetting. Enjoy the color, texture and taste of each food. Eat slowly; do not drink anything with your meal. Digestion improves if you drink a cup of hot water before and after. After eating, sit for 10 minutes to allow your body to welcome the food.

Nutrition – Eat lean protein, a soft or hardboiled egg (the yolk has all the cholesterol), salmon, white fish, almond butter, nuts; eat fresh fruits “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, lots of berries and any fruit in season.

Eat healthy carbohydrates, brown rice, quinoa, oats, millet. Eat healthy fats, olive oil, avocado, a piece of dark chocolate. If you have to watch your weight, fresh vegetable juice, fat free cereal, oatmeal (instead of milk use unsweetened pomegranate juice), or grape nuts with unsweetened juice, 1egg white (if in a hurry microwave it for 50 seconds. It’s chewy, delicious and tastes like it’s already salted. Dried plums (also called prunes) 5 per day, are great for your digestion and elimination, nonfat yoghurt with honey or fresh fruit, and of course your main intake – Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables, preferably green leafy and then all other vegetables. Cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw.

And for dessert – Dates and/or Figs.

Oh, by the way, have you seen the video online of how to separate the white from the yolk in the easiest possible way? It’s so much fun – it works like a real magic trick. Check it out on YouTube.

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Exercise and Play

Exercise – For example, walk out your front door and go for 15 minutes and return. That gives you ½ hour of exercise; join YMCA, get a dog, walk a neighbor’s dog, swim, swim, swim. Walk up and down a flight of stairs. Oftentimes when depressed it is difficult to move and motivate yourself. Push yourself daily, even if it’s only 5 minutes the first week and it will get easier. If you can afford it, get a personal trainer, or go to an exercise or yoga class.

This week focus on play. Play enhances your immune system, your mood and your energy. Turn on some upbeat music and dance 2 times a day. Buy an album of fun dance music or create one. Get an album of show tunes and dance and sing along. Take a dance class. Make a play list and share it.

If you’re on bed rest:  Blow bubbles, read uplifting books or articles, watch comedies (do not watch birthing shows or any violent shows, movies, or news).

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1)  Get help and do not go it alone; it’s called social support.

2)  Examples of social support:  Friends, family, AA, Alanon, church, temple, mosque, priest, minister, rabbi, become a volunteer, take a class.  Call our center to schedule a phone consultation or live appointment.  Start a book club or breastfeeding gathering or a talking circle.

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