In Honor of the Dead and the living in Newtown, we grieve with you as we pray for you to find some peace and solace within


“The common name “Columbine” comes from the Latin meaning “dove”, due to the resemblance of the inverted flower to five doves clustered together.”


We also pray for effective gun control and for parents to protect their children from playing violent video games and for Hollywood to cease making their violent films. What’s the point??


“Bringing Peace to the World One Baby at a Time”


This poem was written after COLUMBINE – it is, unfortunately appropriate once again. Whoever reads this, please feel free to forward it and to put it on social media in its entirety and with no changes.

Thank you and Peace be with you.


Columbine Days

Real men don’t cry, they weep into the barrel of their guns,

Real men don’t cry, they rip joy from our bellies

Like great birds of prey…

Guys and dolls

Girls and dolls

Boys and dolls

Sorry, boys and guns

Football and hard padded bodies

Rolling around on 100 yards of mother earth

Patting each other’s buttocks, afraid to hug each other

It’s too un-American.

Guns and peace

Guns and penises

Power and lack of it

Blood spilled everywhere, the East and the West.

Apache helicopters, once Native Indians

Now American war planes

Ethnically cleansing other lands.

Clean up the blood at home

Sever the umbilical cords gently

Do not tear them from their mothers so soon

Do not educate them in your womb

Sing to them!

Do not send them to the computer at three

While you shop on channel T.V.

Do not send them to the video arcades

While you go off to dinner without them

They cannot dine on virtual reality.

Set the banquet table under a wide Magnolia tree

Sit with Grandma and Aunt Nellie, Uncle Manny and Sister Kate

Sit with mommy and daddy

Sit in the sun or in the shade

And let yourself be bored by the sounds of the birds and the gentle caress of the breeze.

Let yourself be bored by one more family story old or new.

Time does not exist anymore

Bombs and guns are blowing it apart

Executing a temporal abruptio, a hemorrhaging throughout the land.

There are no special moments, no languorous hours

Time is gone.

It is no longer spent, it is only bought.

There is Rolex time and Cartier time

T.V. time and movie time

There is internet time and space time and lost time and dying time.

Where is the sweet scented time of the Columbine

The real time, the time of healing

The time that we all need to spend with each other

Rocking chair time, breast feeding time

Silent time, weaving time, indigenous time.

Where is the I be sittin here time?

©Michelle O’Neill, 1999

Michelle Leclaire O’Neill Ph.D., R.N.,


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Be Still and Find Your Health, Healing and Peace Within


Meditate and/or listen to your pregnancy or labor CD or your Healing, Health and Peak Performance CD (for all who are or are not pregnant.).  (This CD was used in a research project at USC Medical Center to decrease anxiety pre surgery and promote healing post surgery.)

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The Ever Changing Now

Create a purpose in life for yourself.  Your work may be a way of earning a living but your purpose in life may be totally different.  If you are pregnant, your purpose in life is to carry your healthy baby to full term and to have the birth you’d like to have.  Ask yourself “what do I need to do now to move in that direction?”  Make small and measurable goals around your purpose, make the goal easier to meet than not to meet.

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