Part 1 of 2: Gregorian Chant Babies

          “I despise a world which does not intuitively feel that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”                          Ludwig Von Beethoven

            The Egyptians felt that music affected humans both by creating a physical sensation and by arousing a mental state somewhat similar to enchantment.  The Chinese felt that music had a magical influence and was able to sustain Universal Harmony.  They also felt, however, that if used improperly it could influence so greatly that it could destroy the harmony.  To create harmony of mind, body and spirit, the ancients used music.  Many cultures used music for healing, and the ancient Greeks honored Apollo as both the god of healing and of music.  In the Old Testament we learn that it is the playing of musical instruments that heals King Saul’s psychotic depression.

Just as pain requires awareness and attention, so does sound.  When we hear a sound, it also has a memory component to it.  In the background I now hear chirping birds, a flute and guitar sonata on my stereo, some vague carpentry sounds, and my dog licking herself constantly.  Each of these sounds affects me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The birds make me clear-headed and relaxed; the music uplifts me and fulfills some of my spiritual needs; the carpentry, as it is in the distance, arouses a very pleasant and soothing memory of a childhood summer long gone.  Molly, the dog, constantly licking herself, is, fortunately, mostly in the background.  When I attend to it and it becomes foreground, I become irritated, and my breathing becomes more rapid, and I am unable to concentrate.

The purpose of using music during pregnancy and in preparation for labour and birthing are:  Certain kinds of music relax us physiologically and help us to focus on the present in a positive way.  It is this music that we use during pregnancy – the long, slow movements of the baroque concertos.  When played in conjunction with deep relaxation, the largo movements create a memory pathway that we now automatically associate with physiological relaxation and positive emotional feelings.  This music is aesthetically very pleasing, and it is also spiritually fulfilling.  Thus, it enhances the alignment process of mind, body and spirit, which is essential for a joyous and pain-free birth.

While the body is in a deep state of relaxation, the music enables the mind to concentrate on the task at hand.  The mind/body is thus able to function at maximum efficiency, with the brain waves being maintained between 7 and 13 C.P.S. (cycles per second) (alpha wave).

The combination of this state and the music can facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body, thus eliminating the emotional stress and rear that can cause pain.

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